We all start somewhere.  In the animal kingdom we are pretty much on top, yet it takes human offspring a very long time to develop after birth.  A foal for instance begins to walk shortly after birth, as do elephants, giraffe, and a host of others.  Obviously there's reasons for this, for one most of the animals mentioned have natural predators, so mobility is key to survival.  For humans our progression to standing on two legs meant the development of narrow, energy efficient hips while our intellect meant a larger head.  Narrow hips plus a large head means babies come out small and less developed.  Life on earth is very interesting, but no one is here to learn about the evolution of human life, so let's move on to Mr. T as I like to call him.

On the subject of mobility Thomas appears to be preparing for life on the move.  It's funny to watch his progression through the night during sleep.  Usually we place him towards one end of the crib and a few hours later he's inch-wormed his way to the opposite.  He's sleeping now on his belly with his knees tucked under his belly - child's pose as they call it in yoga.

When he plays during tummy time he's starting to flex his hips upward and dig his feet into the carpet.  It's only a matter of time before the four legged individuals around here will have to compete with someone who will eventually become smarter than themselves (not to give them too much credit).