There's a lot of good songs that feature lyrics about rolling.  I doubt any of those artists were referring to their 5 month old children.  The past week has been an exciting experience in Thomas's world.  He's begun rolling over from his back to his belly.  This is a pretty big milestone that required some adjustments on our part because it also means it's safer to allow Thomas the freedom of sleeping with arms free.  Gone are the days of being comfortably swaddled.

This has impacted everyone's lives.  It seems like each new milestone in baby development should carry a footnote that states *Warning this milestone may have the following side effects: Loss or interruption of sleep*.  It's not awful, we've adjusted since our days of sleeping 7-8 hours a night.  In fact recently we had a pretty good stretch of sleep from 9PM to 5AM only to wake up feeling hung over - despite not having had anything to drink the night before.

All things considered we wouldn't trade a sleepless night if not for all the smiles and giggles we've received, all the splashes in the bathtub, the dinosaur noises, and so on.  Rolling is just the first step on the path to greater mobility and more fun activities to share with Thomas.