We set off earlier this month on a trip across the country to introduce Thomas to his great grandparents.  Our flight path had us connect through Dallas on our way to Myrtle Beach to visit Jake's grandparents, Roger & Mary.  It was an exciting time in South Carolina that included Thomas's first visit to the beach and first thunderstorm!  Thomas also got to have a photo shoot in one of Dad's old outfits and got lots of hugs and kisses from grandma Maryann.

Next on our trip was Schoolcraft, Michigan, Mom's hometown.  We stayed with grandma Charlotte and grandpa Marshall who took Thomas swimming in the pool on multiple occasions with cousin "Squid."  We made an excursion to Ft. Wayne, Indiana to visit Jess's grandparents Ross & Nelda, as well as great uncle Tom and great aunt Holly.  At the end of our trip was a big family dinner where Thomas met even more family members!

It was a great experience on Thomas's first plane rides, six different flights counting connections!  On our last leg a nice flight attendant gave Thomas some wings to commemorate his first trip, a nice souvenir and reminder of the first of many journeys as our new family.