Dad here.  Returning to work has been challenging for us both, though I know the challenges for a working mother are quite more difficult.  So thanks Jess for handling it so well, and for being a great mother and wife.

Witnessing Thomas develop since we first brought him home has been amazing.  In butterfly terms he's still in the caterpillar phase, and definitely a hungry one.  But over the past two weeks or so I've noticed a definite change.  Our infant son is starting to cocoon into a baby boy, I notice it in the look in his eyes.  

One of my favorite moments each day is when Thomas fixates on my shirts which are often adorned with *NERD ALERT* something from Star Wars or Marvel comics.  He likes the contrast.  I don't pretend to think that he's excited about Wolverine or the Millenium Faclon.   What I know is I can see his focus zoom out and he locks onto my face, and there's a quick realization that happens - and most of the time a cheesy smile.  It's one of the best feelings, and in those moments I feel like a real dad.