I feel somewhat like a record repeating, but holy cow. I cannot believe that today, at 3:38p PT, my kiddo is nine weeks old.

They say that your fastest (physical) growth occurs in the first year of life, and Thomas is illustrating that and much more! Every morning when we wake up, it feels like he's changed in some way. Today, it's that his face looks a bit longer than what I am used to. He's starting to look more like his dad in the nose. I notice my cheek dimples. I still cannot believe he's ours, and he's here to stay!

This week saw Thomas' two-month appointment, and also our first big round of vaccinations. The "little guy" is weighing in at 12 lbs, 15.4 oz and 23.5 inches in length. Needless to say, he's leading the charge on being big! He took his vaccinations like a champ. At least partially because of the amazing advice I've received from my own mom and some other mothers I've surrounded myself with as well. I covered my eyes while Jake held him for the shots, and then we breastfed right afterward. He woke up an extra time or two overnight, but was generally a happy guy! Thanks to everyone who accepted my nervousness and helped me through it!

Thank you to Archer for reading to Thomas!

Thank you to Archer for reading to Thomas!

Today was also our first day away from Thomas. Before we delivered, I registered Jake and I for a conference in Portland. Aunt Melissa came and took care of Thomas for today, and her guy and his son came along for the ride. It was easier being away from Thomas than I anticipated. Yes, I missed him, but after nine weeks of no work conversation it was nice to flex that muscle in my brain a little bit. I knew I was coming back to him, so that helped too! I'm not quite ready to go back to work (I still have four weeks off), but that time is drawing near. I'm working through those emotions as they come. Thankfully, they're easier to dismiss in weeks like this week where we're waking up more often overnight because of a growth spurt. I'll miss you more when you let me sleep, buddy!

We have yet to take our "official" two month photos (which include us putting Thomas on a chair in some sort of outfit), but here are a few to tide you over in the meantime!