So much has happened between today and my last post, six days ago. Or, rather, so much DIDN'T happen.

We went through our first sleep regression, which has struck fear in this mother's heart. The kid was up literally every 1-2 hours for three or four days. Lots of tears and frustration on my part. Thankfully, it seems to have generally passed (KNOCK ON WOOD), although he's still struggling a bit to smooth out his schedule. While he slept hard during the day today, as an example, he's fighting sleep this evening. Not exactly sure why since he could barely keep his eyes open during bath time, but hey ... you do you, kid.

Part of this sleep regression is because Thomas is going through the third leap, alternately called "The World of Smooth Transitions." Yeah yeah, another name for what you guys all experienced when you were raising your kiddos. The Wonder Weeks, which is what we generally follow, has it down to a T (for Thomas!), though. We had 3-4 nights of awful sleep, and all of a sudden we get a changed kid. He finally slept for more than two hours on Sunday night. Monday was the first day he found his fingers to suck on (although he keeps choking himself ... he'll learn), he's thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis close to laughing, and last night he rolled over from tummy to back (check out the video)! Moving on up in the world, this kid.

We were lucky enough to have Uncle Corey in town with us from Thursday until Sunday. It's always nice seeing your family interact with your kid, and watching Thomas and Corey was no exception. They did lots of kicking on the floor together, Corey got him some cool shoes, and there were many stories read. While Corey and Danelle live far away, we're lucky they love us (and their nephew!), and we were both sad to see Corey go.

The countdown is on for me to head back to work, but thankfully I'm feeling a bit better about it. I cheated last week, and went in on Friday to get myself eased into the situation. I left refreshed and happy, so I'm hopeful it will be a relatively easy transition to full time. It's going to be even easier since my parents are coming out to watch Thomas in April, and, it would appear, bringing my cousin with them for the first week. It'll be a full house, but so fun to hang out with everyone. The biggest benefit is that Thomas will get some quality time with his grandma and grandpa, and mom and dad can maybe get some extra sleep!