Not a lot going on here. Usually, that's a good thing. Lately? Less so. The "not a lot going on" happens to involve sleep, and frankly, we'd like a bit more! Now that he's getting (much) bigger, the Rock and Play is a bit outside of our comfort zone for snoozing. The other night he randomly woke up around 9:30p, and Jake and I turned on the monitor. It was that moment that he decided to start kicking like a bucking bronco. It was also that moment that I decided that perhaps letting him sleep in it with it looking less stable ... I was going to begin to shy away from that.

We've also taken this time to get him off the pacifier for going to sleep. Most babies, according to the experts (ok, the internet) don't really "need" the binky until they're a bit older. Thomas, at 2.5 months, can't fall asleep without it. Problematic when he spits it out after 20 minutes at 2am. So we're breaking that habit before we both go back to work full time. Wish us luck!

Our doula said that it takes 3-4 days for babies to adjust. Last night was his first half night in the crib ... only 2.5-3.5 to go! And then it all be smooth sailing (riiiiiiiiight).

Otherwise, the days are pretty quiet and, thankfully, a bit routine. We are battling a bit of pinkeye right now. Thomas has a clogged tear duct which randomly gets infected, so we get to stick our fingers in his eyes four times a day (ahh, parenting). He's also found his new favorite plaything ... his dad's arm. We think its the contrast of Jake's arm hair against his skin. Very intriguing stuff?

We're getting ready for our next big influx of people when Team Marlotte (my parents) make it into town at the beginning of April. Going back to work is also on my agenda. In fact, I'm thinking that I'm headed in for a day of work on Friday to ease myself back in. Of course, this could not happen if Thomas decides to have a rough night on Thursday. I'm kind of looking forward to it. I'll be able to wear a shirt for more than six hours without someone throwing up on it! What a great concept.