Part of the problem in having a blog about your family is that to you, everything is SUPER exciting, but it's hard to feel like those of you out there in blog land are as intrigued. That being said, I've gotten a few notes about not updating the blog, so I HEAR YOU! And we will make more of an effort, even if it's just to post the 900 pictures we take a day. :-) I figure, at a minimum, you guys like to watch him grow as much as we do.

I do this countdown thing in my head every time we have a "weekaversary." Once again, it's hard to believe that my kiddo is 10 weeks old! Where was I 10 weeks ago? Just starting to push. That's right, my kid was born at 3:38p, and I started pushing around 12:30p. It was that large head that make it take so long!

Thomas and his new friend, Paul.

Thomas and his new friend, Paul.

It's absolutely crazy how much he changes, and how quickly. Jake and I spent some time watching "old videos" (videos taken in the last 10 weeks), and we both kept saying, "look how little he is!!" When you're 10 weeks old, everything is filled with firsts. So what did we have this week?

First meetings. Thomas finally met our friend, Michelle (she's been traveling for work and super busy). M and her husband are due with their first kiddo, AKA Thomas' best friend, in early June, so it was nice to have the boys "meet" and see them check out their very near future. Thomas also met our former homeowner, and now friend, Paul. After we bought the house in August of 2014, we've stayed connected with Paul, seeing him every few months. This was the first time we've been able to get Thomas and Paul connected because of the weird weather and cold and flu season! We were hoping for a happy boy, but alas, Thomas had other plans and grumped and slept through most of their first interaction. The good news is that Paul is a a part of our life and they'll have many more interactions coming up.

First rides. Like many runners, we bought the BOB stroller for when Thomas is a bit older. They don't recommend you use it without the carseat (a total pain) until 8 weeks, so this week was the first time we got him in it. We went on a couple of strolls (no running until he can hold his head up a little bit better), and Thomas gave us his seal of approval by falling asleep both times. I'll take it!

Thomas, the bear, and Dad out for a stroll.

Thomas, the bear, and Dad out for a stroll.

First fake emergency doctor's appointment. The little guy has some eye crusties thanks to a clogged tear duct (pretty normal for newborns), but his eye got a bit red last night (a flag for us to call, per our doctor). That, combined with some GI issues (nothing big) had us seeing the doctor this morning. The good news? He's totally fine. The better news? Still growing. Thomas weighed in at 13 lbs, 5.6 oz. Quite the guy!

First ... sleep through the night? Ish? This may have had something to do with him not feeling super great, but he's been a napping king the past couple of days. We were thankful since he hasn't had a good nights sleep (for him) in probably a week and a half beforehand. Yesterday, we put him down at 7p and fed him a dream feed (feeding without waking up) at 9p. Doctor's (and doula's) orders, we don't feed him more than every four hours overnight, so when he woke up at 12:30a, we stuck the pacifier in his mouth and he fell back asleep. He'd stir a tiny bit every hour or so, but with the paci he passed back out. So we didn't feed him again until 5:30a! Then we put him back down and he slept until we woke him up at 7a. Here's hoping this is the start to a lot more sleeping (and a lot less waking up for mom and dad). I fully expect that we'll be up every half an hour tonight as a result.

Anyway, expect more posts of at least pictures. Also, for those of you who are in other parts of the country, some upcoming travel plans:

  • April 29-May 2: Charleston and Myrtle Beach. We're planning to see Jake's grandparents and mom, but might work in a quick hello to Terry and Butch and anyone else who wants to see us!
  • May 2-6: Michigan and Indiana to see my family and friends in that area.
  • June 22-25: Salt Lake City. I'm running my first half marathon postpartum with my wonderful cousin, and we'll see Chuck and Wendy as well!
  • End of August: Still figuring out dates, but Gayden and Matt are getting married and we intend to be in DC for it. Also introducing Thomas to his new best friend, Ishan, who was born about a month before him to two of our closest couple friends.

We look forward to seeing you on our tour, or anytime you want to come to Portland!