Five weeks old today (or "five weeks ugly," as my father would say). It's hard to believe we've had this much time already with our little guy.

The past week, it's like he's really coming out in terms of his personality. He's way more alert, and OBSESSED with lights. Jake keeps calling him a little moth. He can be fussing and mad, and you put him in front of a lamp, and he gets so excited! It's really cute to watch.

He's also become way more chatty as of late. He has a lot to say ... just not in a language we understand! That will come soon enough I suppose.

We took our first long walk, just the two of us, today. The last time it was just the two of us walking that route, I was having contractions! It's crazy how far we've come and how quickly it's gone. He, like he did in the womb, passed out about 30 seconds into the walk and didn't move a muscle (minus his tiny snores, which entertained his aunt Danelle while we chatted on the phone on said walk). Unlike in the womb, however, he wasn't protected from the rain, so he was a little bit of a damp baby when we returned! Thankfully only a few drops on his little baby face. 

We sure do love this guy!