We hit yet another milestone yesterday, 8 weeks for Thomas!  Hard to believe that even as the words appear.  Looking at some of the photos from the hospital it's hard to believe that he was ever so small, and even harder to accept that our little baby is becoming a little boy.

This past week Thomas has begun to realize that his hands are an extension of his body.  We can see the wonder as his eyes connect with touch as he wildly slaps at anything near him. He's beginning to grasp things better and likes to pull on both our hair ... watch out Kiwi!

All this wondrous new development means - shorter nap times for fear of missing out on so many things. But not too much less.  Thomas continues to smile at mom and dad, kick his legs like a crazy man, continues to develop his head control, and new this week - sticking out his tongue.  It's hard to imagine what it must be like to discover the things your body can do for the first time, but believe us, Thomas thinks it is amazing!

We haven't had an official weigh in but he's certainly continuing to grow, and we both noticed a little neck sprouting off those shoulders this week!  Next up is the two month exam which includes the dreaded shots and of course another official weigh-in.