Another night of "good" sleep from Mr. T-Rex! We were blessed with 4.5 hours or so. While he's less thrilled about going back to sleep after his feeding, we are pretty stoked with the stretches we are getting.  

Grandparent team Charshall spent their last full day in Portland today. Grandma and Jake gave Thomas a much-needed bath. While a lot of the milk goes in his tummy, quite a bit also goes in his neck folds. Gotta' get that stuff outta there! 

We took another walk today with grandpa on holding Thomas duty. T seems to enjoy the fresh air, and is probably very familiar with the route. I walked it daily from the end of August through the 30th of December, when I spent the majority of said walk doubled over with contractions! There was a moment today where, at 355p, I noticed I was at the same corner I was a month ago when I contemplated going home instead of walking because of my contractions. Hard to believe he's been with us for almost a month and that this time a month ago, Jake and I were about to leave for the hospital so I could get my much deserved epidural!

Some pictures from our day today ... 


With Grandpa. 


Hanging out with dad.  


Our favorite bear!