Last night was a big night for us here at the ol' Stetsonday ranch. We'd noticed he was a little tired ("slug-like") before we left ...

When we got home, we did a final feed. We put T down at about 10:45p, after we got home from our milkshake and Target date.

The next thing we knew, it was 3:30a. Jake woke me up and asked me if we should wake him up, to which I replied, "no." But then, breastfeeding as I am, we (ok, my biology) decided "yes" was the answer. Thomas woke up raring to go, and then struggled a bit to go back down. But, since we'd had the longest chunk of sleep since literally 2016, Jake and I were a little more accepting of it!

Today has been a pretty quiet day. We're still hanging out with grandparent team Charshall. Aunts Rashidah and Randi came over to see Thomas this afternoon, and we enjoyed a walk with them as well (sans kiddo, who stayed with the grandparents). We're thinking T is hitting a growth spurt (or just coming out of it) since the past several days have been FULL of fuss, and today he's doing nothing but snoozing. Luckily, he's our happy go lucky guy when we do see his eyeballs (which is rare for today!).