Last full day of grandparent team Charshall

Another night of "good" sleep from Mr. T-Rex! We were blessed with 4.5 hours or so. While he's less thrilled about going back to sleep after his feeding, we are pretty stoked with the stretches we are getting.  

Grandparent team Charshall spent their last full day in Portland today. Grandma and Jake gave Thomas a much-needed bath. While a lot of the milk goes in his tummy, quite a bit also goes in his neck folds. Gotta' get that stuff outta there! 

We took another walk today with grandpa on holding Thomas duty. T seems to enjoy the fresh air, and is probably very familiar with the route. I walked it daily from the end of August through the 30th of December, when I spent the majority of said walk doubled over with contractions! There was a moment today where, at 355p, I noticed I was at the same corner I was a month ago when I contemplated going home instead of walking because of my contractions. Hard to believe he's been with us for almost a month and that this time a month ago, Jake and I were about to leave for the hospital so I could get my much deserved epidural!

Some pictures from our day today ... 


With Grandpa. 


Hanging out with dad.  


Our favorite bear! 



Our son, the slug

Last night was a big night for us here at the ol' Stetsonday ranch. We'd noticed he was a little tired ("slug-like") before we left ...

When we got home, we did a final feed. We put T down at about 10:45p, after we got home from our milkshake and Target date.

The next thing we knew, it was 3:30a. Jake woke me up and asked me if we should wake him up, to which I replied, "no." But then, breastfeeding as I am, we (ok, my biology) decided "yes" was the answer. Thomas woke up raring to go, and then struggled a bit to go back down. But, since we'd had the longest chunk of sleep since literally 2016, Jake and I were a little more accepting of it!

Today has been a pretty quiet day. We're still hanging out with grandparent team Charshall. Aunts Rashidah and Randi came over to see Thomas this afternoon, and we enjoyed a walk with them as well (sans kiddo, who stayed with the grandparents). We're thinking T is hitting a growth spurt (or just coming out of it) since the past several days have been FULL of fuss, and today he's doing nothing but snoozing. Luckily, he's our happy go lucky guy when we do see his eyeballs (which is rare for today!).


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Four weeks old!

It's hard to believe, but our little guy is four weeks old today. The last week has us waving good-bye to newborn bliss as we welcome in a new level of grumpiness we weren't quite ready to deal with. Thankfully, the internet says it peaks at 6-8 weeks ... so we're well on our way! To the person who invented Gripe Water ... we love you. Please invent an IV to distribute it next.

Grandparent team Charshall returned to town last night, and so we've been enjoying our time with them. We're super spoiled, as food keeps appearing and all of our non-grounded outlets have been replaced! We are also huge fans as they can always be talked into eating pizza with us which, if you know this family, is a huge favorite. Thomas is also a big fan of grandma and grandpa as they like to walk around with him, giving Jake and I a much-needed break!

Today, we took our first walk with Thomas around the block. Since he walked the route about a thousand times when we were pregnant, he settled in fairly well. It was about 45 degrees and sunny, but we still snuggled him up for the ride. Because he's still a fan of being a ball of scrunch, he didn't quite fill out his outfit, instead opting to keep his arms and legs inside the abdomen of the bear. He kept his grandpa nice and warm as the child is a molten lava baby. Kiwi was thrilled to get back out of the house as her walks, since the arrival of her brother, have been few and far between (sorry about that dog, they'll come back I promise!).

Today, we're celebrating four weeks old with said pizza, and then Jake and I are headed out to for an hour or so WITHOUT THE BABY! It will be strange as it's the first time both of us have been that far away from him since he was conceived, but he's in the good hands of his grandparents.

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Portland Snowstorming

Today was the day of the big Portland snowstorm! We went to bed with the flakes falling, and by the time we woke up we probably had about 8”. The roads are awful in Portland (and stayed that way for multiple days)! Needless to say, we stayed in and had a fairly un-exciting day.

Probably the funniest part of the day was what we will call “Thomas’ booger party.” All day, Jake and I watched the meandering of a booger through Thomas’ nasal passages. Toward the end of the day, he sneezed enough that it started blowing out and then sucking back into the nose. We couldn’t catch it, but oh how we laughed! At some point he finally blew it out on his own. Goes to show you how exciting our day was if this was all we talked about!